Stuart Martin Lepkowsky, the founder and principal of Stuart Martin interior design and art is well known for his pallet of color and mixing of style. With over 400 years of combined family experience in the field, we offer a service like no other. D├ęcor and art are combine to provide a succulent living experience offered in a custom tailored to your needs atmosphere. We specialize in bringing your inner creativity out and into your space. Our studio provides inferior design and art like no other. Art can be commissioned with your life style in mind. Design that allows you to relax, live, love and laugh every day. 

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HOME Automation: We specialize in home automation Advisory ensuring that your interior design is accompanied by or recommendations for automation making a harmonious living space.

  • HVAC
  • Audio
  • Security
  • All commercial brands
  • Zwave is our specialty
Landscape Design
  • In 2018 we introduced Landscape and Exterior Living Design Services

Furniture Design and Fabrication
  • We now specialize in antique furniture design